This page is for classmates and fellow classmates to post help requests, notices of interest, and list “offered” items that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The item is created by the classmate, professionally manufactured, and offered for sale to the general public.
  • The item is cottage industry/exclusively made by the classmate and is for sale to the public.
  • The classmate is self-employed and produces or provides the item or service being listed.
  • The classmate has legal ownership of, and is providing face value or discounted value for, event tickets.

Since we’re just starting out with this section, and are unfamiliar with what types of items classmates might have to offer, barter, or sell in such a forum, the above criteria is our initial attempt to make certain that this does not turn into a garage sale. After all, that's what eBay is for, right?!  Feel free to let us know if there is something that you would like to have listed for sale on this page even though it may not seem to fit in with any of the criteria listed. You never know, you may be one of many, and the criteria will be changed to be more in line with the needs of The Class.

Examples of notices of interest would be classmate professional appearances, special public or private events where classmates are involved, etc.

Listings for this page should be sent to Lynn. Please have them in the exact format and wording that you want so that they can simply be copied directly to the web site.


Hey all, it’s Andrea Sessions...Regardless of how (or if) you remember me, I was always very independent and a nature nut. So after college (BA at Hampshire College), employment (Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution), and graduate school (MS in botany at the University of Tennessee), I finally settled down on 115 acres in beautiful, green, hilly east Tennessee where nature and horses are still a major part of my life.

My husband and I own/operate Sunlight Gardens, a retail/wholesale/mail order nursery specializing in wildflowers and plants native to the eastern United States. Twenty plus years ago we were pioneers in the “conservation through propagation” movement. In other words, all our plants are 100% nursery propagated, NOT dug from the wild...very ethically and politically correct. All of our plants are “created” and grown here in our nursery in pots, and we ship throughout the country.

So visit our web site,, to find native plants that may be suitable for your gardens and natural areas. We’ve also been landscaping with many of these for a long time, so we share some pretty good advice and ideas on the site. Don’t hesitate to email me, whether to talk gardening or to catch up.

Yours truly, Andy (


Karen Murphy has a CD out now titled Torch Goddess. Check out her website,, for more information on Karen and her music. The CD can be purchased at CDBaby.Com for $15.


Bob Knight has formed a new band, Magnetos, and put out a new CD titled Menage A Faux Pas. Check out the Magnetos website,, for more information on Bob and the band. The CD can be purchased at CDBaby.Com for $12.97.


Robert Connery has created three collections of coastal-themed notecards for retail sale at various shops. The notecards come in sets of 8 (2 each of four different images from his “paintography” artwork) and sell for $20. For classmates, he will also create customized notecard sets upon request (8 cards with your choice and mix of his artwork). The collections are:

Seasons - Images: “Sunset Home”, “Marsh Road”, “Plum Island Winter”, “Springtime Beach”
Colors - Images: “Last of Summer”, “Emeralds & Sapphires”, “Sunset Home”, “Grass Afire”
Marsh Selection - Images: “Marsh Road”, “Fall on the Marsh”, “Into the Reeds”, “Plum Island Winter”

The artwork used for these notecards can be viewed on Robert’s Flying Dog Studio website which is . Much of his art is also available for sale in framed 16x20 format.

Since his website is not yet set up to take sales, please contact Robert directly to purchase either notecards or framed artwork reproductions by clicking the message button located at the bottom of his website page.


NCHS Information Link: - alumni and teacher information primarily for years 1954 to 1986. Warren Allen Smith is the webmaster for this site.


Cathy Russell stars on Broadway in Perfect Crime at the new Duffy Theater located in the Snapple Theater Center at 50th and Broadway. Head over to the show’s website,, for more about the play and Cathy. She’s offering a 25% discount on tickets to all class members so you’ll only be paying $30 to see the show! Contact the theater’s box office, 212-921-9862, and just tell them that you are a NCHS73 classmate of Cathy's if she isn’t the one answering the phone (she wears many hats!).


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