Directory Introduction


The Contact Directory is divided into four (4) sections that can be accessed from the navigation bar above. They are:

  •  Classmate Listings
  •  Classmates By Location (state-by-state and international)
  •  In Memoriam
  •  WANTED (a listing of still-to-be located classmates)

Alphabetical lists of all graduates (Class of 73) and participating fellow classmates (Fellow Classmate) are used to move you directly to a contact listing, an In Memoriam page listing, or the WANTED page. The Classmates By Location page will also give you access to an individual's contact listing.

Our In Memoriam page also serves to keep us in contact with the loved ones of our departed classmates if they have expressed a desire to be included in our class activities.

EMAIL TIP:  With initial contact to classmates, it might be helpful to identify Class-related email messages by putting 'NCHS' at the beginning of the subject so the message does not get mistaken as one from an unrecognized sender that may just get deleted as spam without first being considered.

**An important 'heads up' to everyone is appropriate here. You may be receiving emails and calls from individuals you have not heard from in a very long time and are hesitant to respond without verification of someone's identity as a classmate or participating fellow classmate. Please do not hesitate to contact Lynn before opening email or responding to calls to determine if the individual contacting you is in the database and their information can be verified.

Using The Directory

The best place to start is with the alphabetical lists (Class of 73 and Fellow Classmate). To view an individual's contact listing simply click on their name, and you will be taken to the appropriate listings page. You can also access the contact listings from the Classmates By Location page. Since this page only lists the names of classmates and fellow classmates with known geographical locations, it does not provide access to the In Memoriam or WANTED pages.

There are a few things to mention with regard to what you will see in the contact listings.

  • Only the primary contact information a classmate wants to have accessible to others is shown, so you will either have to contact them, or make a request through the website, to determine if any additional information is available.

    If no contact information appears, that is at the classmate's request and, therefore, no contact information will be provided from the class database.

    The same is true of listings with "Information Pending" notations. Until a classmate has provided written verification of contact information and instructed what contact information should appear in the website directory, no contact information will be available upon request for that classmate. The sole exception is that all classmates and fellow classmates are listed on the Classmates By Location page if their location is known.
  • Individuals may prefer that some or all of their contact information not appear on the website since it is a public forum, but they do want their classmates to be able to obtain the information.

    Wherever you see a PRIVATE indicator in a contact listing, it means the information from that field is available upon request only. Simply click on the classmate's name, and an email message window will open for you to use to request the information. Requests will be handled in accordance with the classmate's information handling instructions on record in the class database.
  • Because there are many automated information retrieval programs that move around the Internet, email addresses in the contact listings have been modified to replace the telltale "@" symbol with the text string "(AT)" to reduce the likelihood of data harvesting. Consequently, classmate email addresses are not usable 'as is' and will have to be copied and pasted into an email message. The (AT) portion of the address must then be manually changed back to @ prior to sending a message.

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